The SLTC (Australian Section) – and it is a “Section”, not a “Group” for some arcane reason – was founded in 1932 with FA Coombs (Snr) in the Chair. Founding members included the current Australian Section’s Secretary, Edric Chaffer’s, uncle, Norman Chaffer (Edric says he took over Norman’s Membership in 1958). The Meetings were held at the Sydney Tanning School located at the suburb of Waterloo, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Frank A. Coombs (Snr) was the head of the Tanning School, which he was the establishing and founding Head in 1909, and he was heavily involved in Section activities. In 1946 Mr Coombs (Snr) was elected as the second Honorary Member of the ISLTC, the first recipient being Professor Edmund Stiasny, in 1933.

At its peak the Australian section had 80 members and besides acting as a communication channel for the membership, it was responsible for organizing conferences in conjunction with the Australian Leather Research Association and later the CSIRO Leather Research Section, and for organising regular Ordinary Meetings for our members. The SLTC (Australian Section) was also heavily involved in organising the XIX IULTC Conference, held in Melbourne in March 1987.

With the decline in recent years of the Leather Industry in Australia our activities have been curtailed and today are mainly confined to organising the Australian Section Members annual subscriptions to the SLTC Journal plus Mutual Membership of ALCA (Journal), still in the capable hands of Edric Chaffer.

Secretary Australian Section
Mr.E. Chaffer
P.O.Box 462 
New South Wales 
Australia 2067
Tel: +61 (0)29 4172484 
Fax: +61 (0)29 4172484

Treasurer Australian Section
Mr.G. W. Birdsall FSLTC
George Birdsall Trading P/L.
P.O.Box 19 
New South Wales 2020
Tel: +61 (0)29 3166669
Fax: +61 (0)29 6664769

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