112th SLTC Conference 2009

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  • WOLSTENHOLME MEMORIAL LECTURE: Conserving the Faddon More 'bog book' 
    John Gillis, National Museum of Dublin

  • DMF in leather and leather products - the story so far
    Richard Turner,
     Satra Technology Centre
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  • Management of tannery hair waste through composting
    Arthur Onyuka,
     British School of Leather Technology
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  • Leather and soiling: an exploration of current anti-soiling technologies
    Dr Dietrich Tegtmeyer,
     Vice President, LANXESS
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  • Tanning Machinery through the Ages
    Walter Landmann,
     Machinery Consultant
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  • The history, present and future development of Pittards
    Jon Loxston,
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  • Vertically Integrated Sheepskin processing
    Peter Robinson

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