110th SLTC Conference 2007

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  • ATKINS MEMORIAL LECTURE - The Beamhouse Foundation of Leather Making - Experiences During 50 Years
    John Basford
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  • Milling 2007
    Antonio Galiotto,
     Erretre Spa

  • The Future of Tanning: a Leather Science Perspective
    Tony Covington,
     British School of Leather Technology
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  • Lean Manufacturing - The First Steps
    Simon Phillips,
     Bridge of Weir Leather Company
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  • Tannery Effluent Treatment using Reedbed and Nanofiltration Technology
    Wolfram Scholz,
     W2O Environment
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  • Upholstery Leather: Types, Performance, Testing, Customer Expectations and Aftercare
    Mark Southam,
     SATRA Technology Centre

  • An Investigation into the Relationship between Objectives and Subjective Assessment of Leather Handle
    Yijun Wang,
     The University of Northampton
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  • Automotive Leather - Who is in the Driving Seat?
    Colin Jackson,
     Bentley Motors
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