115th SLTC Conference 2012

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    "WHO ARE YOU?"

    Professor Basil Kardasis The Museum of Leathercraft

  • The Value of Hides
    Howard Johnson,
     Adelaide SpA (UK) Ltd
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  • Efficient Optimisation of Resources
    Stephen Trantum,
     Trumpler GmbH Co.KG
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  • Machinery in Transition
    Colin Clark,
     Beamhouse Engineering
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  • A Modern Semi-Rapid Vegetable Tanning with High Exhaustion
    Eric Poles, Silvachimica S.R.L.
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  • CO2 High Pressure Tanning
    Manfred Renner, 
    Fraunhofer Institute 
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  • Chromium in Sediments Along the River Nene
    Simon Pulley,
     The University of Northampton
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  • Impact of Construction Products Regulation on Leather Used in Interior Design 
    Jackie GlasspoolSATRA Technology Centre
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  • Solving the Mould Problem
    George Toseland Hygienilac/Contex

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