116th SLTC Conference 2013

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  • Atkin Memorial Lecture:
    "Life in the leather industry need not be the pits"

    Hugh Gilmour, Managing Director, W.J.& W.Lang Limited
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  • A social history of leather workers: An anthropological study of Japanese and British tanners Followed by special white tanning: using only rice husk and vegetable oil. 
    Yuko Nishimura/Mr. Kashiwa

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  • Biocide Regulations – Implications for the Leather Industry
    Elton Hurlow,
     Buckman Laboratories, USA
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  • Oxidative unhairing - a sustainable view of the process
    Gustavo Defeo

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  • Enzymes in the Leather Industry
    Bob Wyss and Jens Fennen, TFL
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  • Operational excellence via Employee Engagement
    Rumon Hankey, 
    Inspired Management Solutions
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  • The Leather Industry in the 21st Century
    Simon Yarwood,
     World Trades Publishing
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  • Bespoke Functional Surface Decoration for Leather
    Peter LaightThe Identity Store
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  • REaCH – The Latest Developments
    John HubbardSatra
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