120th SLTC Conference 2017

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  • Atkin Memorial Lecture: Snapshots for the Future
    Visiting Professor Richard Daniels, ICLT, University of Northampton
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  • Managing Microorganisms in a Landscape of Increasing Regulation and Restriction
    Dr Elton Hurlow, Buckman Europe
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  • DNA Labelling - The Smart Way to Trace Materials Through the Supply Chain
    Georgina Mawer & La'Deva McKenzie, BLC Leather Technology Centre
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  • Value Addition on Fish Skin as a By-product from the Fish Processing Industries for Economic Income and Business Opportunity in Kenya
    Dr Arthur Onyuka, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute
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  • Collagen Research - the Past and Present and the Future
    Dr Michael Meyer, FILK - Forshungsinstitut Leder und Kunstsoffbahnen
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  • Pickle Free Chrome Tanning
    Julian Osgood, ATC Tannery Chemicals
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  • JIALTC 1917 to JSLTC 2017: A View of Our Journal One Hundred Years Ago
    Emeritus Professor Tony Covington, ICLT, University of Northampton
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  • Fireside Chat on the Future of Leather Materials
    David Willamson, CTO Modern Meadows & Visiting Professor Mike Redwood, spokesperson for Leathernaturally
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