121st SLTC Conference 2018

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  • Wolstenholme Memorial Lecture: Curating the National Leather Collection
    Philip Warner, National Leather Collection
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  • How Basicity in Basic Chrome Sulfate Affects Wet Blue Tanning Processing 
    Jose Gallegos, Elementis
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  • From Product Passport to Bio-Based - Our Steps Towards a Sustainable Future
    Yujie Ma, Smit & Zoon
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  • Reproducing Tutankhamun’s Leather Body Armour
    Lucy Skinner, The British Museum

  • Elimination of Effluent from Liming and Chromium Tanning Processes:
    Technology Overview from Studies in Three Major Wet Blue Tanneries

    Visiting Professor Richard Daniels, Greentech+ Associates
    (available soon)

  • The Role of the United Nations Industy Development Organisation and its
    Support of Leather Education

    Ivan Kral, UNIDO
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  • IULTCS Environment Commission - Establishing Minimum Environmental
    Guidelines for Tanneries Worldwide

    Wolfram Scholz, W2O Environment
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  • The ‘Tannery of the Future’ Assessment Tool
    Egbert Dikkers,
    Tannery of the Future Foundation
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  • Fireside Chat with Visiting Professor Mike Redwood
    Vikrant Pratap, Xeros Tanning
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