111th SLTC Conference 2008

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  • PROCTER MEMORIAL LECTURE - The Ecological Tannage - Challenges and Progress
    Dr Heinz-Peter Germann, Director Lederinstitut Gerberschule, Reutlingen

  • REACH - The impact on Leather and Leather Goods
    John Hubbard,
     Satra Technology Centre

  • The Impact of Beamhouse Processing on Microbiological Flora
    Anne Lama,
     British School of Leather Technology

  • Consumer Leather Care - Why Everyone in the industry Needs to be More Involved
    Andy Alcock,
     Leather Training & Technical Dept

  • Germ Cells of Discomfort
    Mike Redwood,
     British School of Leather Technology
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  • Finishing - Art, Craft or Science?
    Axel Landmann,
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  • Leather and Subjectivgity: an exploration of Current Understandings around Leather and Leather Objects
    Anca Roberts

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  • Mimosa Extract Manufacture
    Nigel Payne,
     Forestal Mimosa
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